It is inevitable that radio control cars became something that more and more people use, and it looks like there is no end to the possibilities of these toys. However, how much do you really know about remote control cars? In case that you constantly hear about them but you don’t quite know what’s happening there, I have prepared something that should help you get familiar with some general stuff of rc cars. You’re going to learn such things as what models are there, and how they work.

So, let’s start with basics. Obviously, radio control cars are called so because they can be controlled from distance by using radio or transmitter that was made specially for this purpose. If you sometimes hear “radio controlled car” you should now that before there was a difference between terms “radio” and “remote” controlled car, but today, abbreviation RC is used for one type of toys. Essentially, it is referring to vehicle that is possible to control via certain radio-frequency.


Next, rc cars can be powered by many different sources. Some of them are using electric motors, and in this case, it is often combined with cells made of nickel-cadmium. Additionally, you can find them with lithium polymer or nickel metal hydride cells. On the other hand, there are models which are powered by fuel. They tend to use glow-plug motors. If you’re confused, there is no reason for that, because these are basically internal combustion engines of small proportions. They are typically fueled by liquid that is a mixture of oil and methane, with addition of nitromethane. With the development of industry, even larger models were introduced, and they are using gasoline engines, and these are powered by a mixture of oil and gasoline. It may seem like electric models are easier to use and because of that mostly beginners choose them, but this certainly doesn’t mean that these rc cars can’t be competitive. On the other hand, it is true that you have to invest certain amount of money if you want to put some new equipment on your electric radio control car.


No matter if we talk about electric or gas powered rc cars, there is one thing that is common for both types. You see, both of these types are made for driving on road and off road. With off road types of vehicles, there is bigger choice of wide tires and most different monster trucks. Obviously, you don’t have to be a genius to conclude that off road vehicles are usually very large in proportion and concentrated mostly on durable chassis, while on road rc cars are smaller and faster, because it is not expected that they are going to stumble upon bumps and stones.


Here it is, some basic things about radio controlled cars. Whether you choose electric or gas powered rc cars, feel free to experiment. Don’t be afraid to add new equipment because that way you are always going to be able to improve you car. Remember, most important thing is to have fun, and even if something isn’t right, don’t pay much attention about it. There is nothing that can’t be repaired. You can get more information on remote control hobby information

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